Chris Evans Talks Captain America: Civil War; New Image Of Team Cap Released


Captain America: Civil War is less than half a year away, and while much of the movie is shrouded in secrecy, Chris Evans has now shed some light on what’s in store for the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when they come to blows for the first time.

When asked how Steve Rogers’ rivalry with Iron Man differs to the foes that the former has faced in his past adventures, the actor said:

“This is one of the first times Steve doesn’t know what side he’s on or what the right answer is. With the first Captain America [movie], I think we can all agree that Nazis are bad. The aliens are no good either; we can all get on board with that notion. This conflict is more mirroring that which we deal with on a daily basis, where it’s just different points of view. There’s no clear right, no clear wrong, and it’s hard for him to understand the right move.”

It’s interesting that Marvel are taking this route with Captain America: Civil War, especially as the comic book very much painted Tony Stark as the bad guy. With the movie looking like a much more even sided affair, it’s obvious that it will divide audiences since they’ll be forced to choose a side.


Talk then turned to how Black Panther is going to factor into the story, with Evans revealing that the character will be someone that we can identify with.

“There’s collateral damage to the action we’ve taken, and there’s going to be people with different points of view to ours who cause us to regret our actions. Black Panther has a certain cachet and class, so to have him come down the way he does, it provides the audience with someone to identify with.”

That’s a role Spider-Man filled in the comic book version of Civil War, so if Black Panther is taking over for him in that respect, it will certainly be interesting to see what the wall-crawler ends up doing in Captain America: Civil War.

Accompanying all this is a new image from the sequel (essentially just a trailer screengrab, but still newly released in HD), which can be seen below. Take a look at it and then head to the comments to let us know who you’ll be siding with in May: Team Cap or Team Iron Man?


Source: CBM