Chris Evans Teases Embarrassing Captain America: Civil War Cast Video


At this point, you can find countless videos of Marvel stars online goofing around on set, but we have bad news for people obsessed with these superheroes; there’s apparently an embarrassing video clip of Chris Evans’ co-actors in Captain America: Civil War dancing that we may never get to see.

During a recent interview between Captain America’s Chris Evans and Ant-Man star Paul Rudd, the former revealed a fun behind-the-scenes story about how he attempted to create a Marvel dance video montage but failed to go all the way through with it.

“On that day, it was literally the day I met you, Mackie and I and Scarlett got in our head that we were going to shoot — this is so hilarious — a little video just for the Marvel gang, like a little culmination, like a yearbook video, set to that song from Grease,” Evans revealed. “‘We go together, like rama lama,’ whatever that song is. We were just going to go around, take little clips of videos of people dancing, and cut it all together.

The first day I was like, ‘All right, I’ll start collecting some of this footage.’ I have the footage. I was like, ‘Hi, nice to meet you. You don’t know me, but can I get this?’ It was you, Mackie, I think Renner, Sebastian, and I just said, ‘Look, everyone, just dance for 30 seconds,’ and you did it. You were a great sport. You willingly danced with little explanation from me, and then I never completed the video. I just abandoned it. But I got that footage of our first day of meeting of you dancing.”

This hilarious revelation came through Variety’s latest episode of “Actors on Actors,” which featured the two MCU stars as they talked about their career with Marvel Studios and beyond. To think that there’s a humiliating video of Captain America: Civil War stars jamming it to Evans’ song before going on to clash with each other in front of the camera and we’re never going to see it is definitely painful.

Apparently, Evans has found the video, though he’s too embarrassed to show it to anyone. Here’s how the rest of the conversation went:

“I must’ve blocked it out,” Rudd replies. “I don’t remember it at all.”

“I’m sorry, I found it,” the man behind Captain America reveals. “It’s unbelievable. I can’t show it — it’s way too embarrassing.”

“Is it bad?” Rudd asks, grinning.

“Oh, it’s so bad.”

One thing’s for certain; we definitely want to see that video now. Evans may yet decide to share it with us on Twitter, as the actor has continuously used every opportunity to engage with fans amid the current pandemic, but I guess all we can do for the time being is wait and see.