Chris Evans Wants Fans To See The Avengers: Endgame Re-Release


Only two months have passed since the global debut of Avengers Endgame and already, Marvel Studios are preparing for round two.

That’s right, in what is clearly a ploy to dethrone James Cameron’s Avatar at the tip-top of the box office charts, Endgame will soon enjoy a re-release across select theaters worldwide. And Chris Evans, for one, is incredibly excited about the movie’s second theatrical run – so much so, in fact, that he even took to Twitter to welcome the re-release, and effectively encourage Marvel fans all across the globe to experience Endgame all over again on the biggest screen they can find.

Because let’s face it, with its gigantic storyline and cutting-edge visuals, Avengers: Endgame is really a movie designed for theaters. It’s perhaps the most satisfying of all MCU blockbusters, as it carefully weaves its way through the franchise’s beloved back catalog (even Thor: The Dark World gets a mention!) to draw the curtain on Marvel’s Phase 3.

Via Twitter:

It’s not the end, per se; Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has repeatedly gone on record to remind fans that next month’s Spider-Man: Far From Home is the true finale to Phase 3. Granted, it’s more of an epilogue than anything else, one in which Peter Parker must learn to cope in a world without Tony Stark, but early reactions claim Far From Home is a truly spectacular addition to the MCU – with a post-credits scene good enough to send the fanbase into a tailspin.

It’ll see a global release on July 5th, but not before Avengers: Endgame has a second shot at box office immortality. There’s just one question that remains: will you be revisiting Joe and Anthony Russo’s masterstroke in theaters? Do let us know.

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