Here’s How Chris Hemsworth Could Look As The DCEU’s Next Superman

Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok

From time immemorial, fans have always wanted to see their favorite superheroes from both DC and Marvel cross over, leading into such events inside and outside of those respective fictional universes, some of them even out of context. But what if we could swap the actors who portray these heroes? Say, change Superman, as played by Henry Cavill, for Thor’s Chris Hemsworth?

This truly is a fascinating idea, and something that we can’t help but wonder about from time to time ourselves. Imagine if some of the well-known actors who portrayed the superheroes of the MCU played their DC counterparts in an alternate universe. Imagine a parallel world where the DCEU has ironically achieved more success than Marvel, and even the actors who put on these costumes swapped places.

So, instead of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, we’d have Scarlett Johansson or Elizabeth Olsen. How about Chris Evans or Chris Pratt as Batman? Maybe Josh Brolin could lend some depth and charisma to Steppenwolf? Well, regardless of your choice for each character, I think we could unanimously agree that in this parallel universe, the only suitable candidate to play the Man of Steel would be Chris Hemsworth.

And that’s barring his “super” buff body and great shape, as Superman has godly powers, and the only person who could stand up to him is Thor, the God of Thunder. Now, thanks to some new fan art, we can actually see what the actor would like in Henry Cavill’s Superman costume.

Granted, at this point, it’s difficult to imagine Hemsworth as anyone else but Thor, but as you can see for yourself, he’s the perfect fit for the costume, not to mention that he actually looks good in it.

For now, rumors suggest that Cavill will be back as Superman in Shazam! 2, so it’ll be a while before we see any other actor tackle the role of the Kryptonian survivor. But if for some reason he departs, DC may want to look over to Marvel for some suitable replacements.