PETA Wants To See Fat Thor Go Vegan In Thor: Love And Thunder


While fans are certain that Taika Waititi will once again knock Thor: Love and Thunder out of the park, the MCU still has to address the elephant in the room.

If nothing else, the last couple of movies in the Infinity Saga finally did Thor justice by showing how powerful the God of Thunder really is. In Ragnarok, he unlocked his full potential and unleashed the might of the Odinson on his enemies. In Infinity War, the arrival of Thor on Wakanda, armed with Stormbreaker, led to the movie’s greatest scene and tipped the balance in the favor of the Avengers. Unfortunately, though, the God of Thunder blamed himself for the Snap, and one of the biggest side effects of his depression after failing to stop Thanos in Endgame was to gain a couple dozen pounds, to put it lightly.

Hence, the glorious and magnificent Fat Thor was born, resembling a true Norse god with his overgrown beard. But what will Taika Waititi decide to do with Chris Hemsworth’s physique in the sequel? Well, when asked recently about whether the hero would appear in his fat suit, Waititi said that the creative team “haven’t figured that out” just yet. This gave PETA the perfect idea; what if Thor managed to return to his buff body by adopting a more animal-friendly diet and going vegan?

According to PETA Senior VP Lisa Lange, Marvel has to tweak their fictional world only slightly for that to happen, noting:

“Chris Hemsworth went vegan while filming the original Thor and The Avengers films, and other Marvel Cinematic Universe stars like Benedict Cumberbatch and Natalie Portman are powered by plants.”

Ironically enough, Thor going vegan is actually respectful of his comic book counterpart. Thor’s Ultimate Marvel Universe version was actually an environment activist verging on eco-terrorist, so it won’t be that unexpected if the MCU decides to take Chris Hemsworth’s cinematic version in that direction.

Additionally, PETA has also gone ahead and done the calculation for us. As their official letter to Waititi reads:

“If Thor is serious about protecting the Earth, going vegan makes a lot of sense—axing animal products from his diet could save more than 1,000 gallons of water, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, and 30 square feet of forest each day as well as the lives of nearly 200 animals a year!”

It remains to be seen if Thor: Love and Thunder‘s producers decide to go down this path, but one thing’s certain; this would definitely be well in line with Marvel’s inclusive approach towards all the different minorities in the world.