Chris Hemsworth jokes that fans are getting tired of seeing him as Thor

When Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder arrives next summer, it’ll continue to cement Chris Hemsworth as one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s longest-tenured stars. Not only will the Odinson become the first superhero to headline a fourth solo movie, but it’ll mark his fourteenth unique project as part of the franchise.

That’s four standalone blockbusters, a quartet of Avengers epics, short films Team Thor and Team Thor: Part 2, a mid-credits cameo in Doctor Strange, a voice-only performance as Frog of Thunder Throg in Loki and an animated stint on Marvel’s What If…?, on top of his contributions to the tie-in video game released in 2011 to accompany his feature-length debut.

During an appearance on Australia’s Today Show, Hemsworth was asked if he’d be interested in signing on for a brand-new trilogy like Tom Holland. In response, he joked that he’d be game for it unless people are starting to grow tired of seeing him wield the hammer.

“How many Spider-Mans has he done? He’s a little behind me. I think he’s done three. I’ve done six or seven Thors, so maybe. As long as they’ll have me, I’ll turn up, but I feel like that enthusiasm [for me] might be waning.”

Having spent ten years and counting as part of the MCU’s roster, Hemsworth owes his entire career to Thor, and it’s not the sort of part you can just walk away from. He’s one of the elder statesmen of the mythology now, so even if his own film series draws to a close, there’s no reason why he couldn’t continue to pop up elsewhere from time to time.