Chris Hemsworth may play villain in ‘Mad Max: Furiosa’

Chris Hemsworth
Brook Mitchell/Getty Images

The next installment in the Mad Max franchise is set to debut in 2024, and Thor star Chris Hemsworth may be stepping away from his heroic screen history and working as a nefarious and dastardly antagonist in Mad Max: Furiosa.

The information comes from a recent episode of the Blank Check with Griffin and David podcast. During the broadcast, they featured New York Times reporter Kyle Buchanan, who recently wrote a book about Mad Max: Fury Road and all the interesting alternate versions of the 2015 film.

Around the end of their discussion, they had a chat about the 2024 production, set to be a prequel to Fury Road, and this is where Buchanan dropped the bomb about Hemsworth and his evil persona’s purported name.

“I heard [he] was called Dr. Dementus,” Buchanan said.

Though his character is still under wraps, Hemsworth has been confirmed to be appearing in the movie The series has had villains with names like Immortan Joe, Lord Humungus, and Aunty Entity. So, Dr. Dementus could fit right in there.

If you’re going to go evil, Mad Max is a pretty good road to the dark side.