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Chris Hemsworth Reflects On Switching Gears Between Ragnarok And Avengers: Infinity War

Chris Hemsworth has discussed what it was like to switch between Thor: Ragnarok and its ad-lib humor to the super-sized Avengers: Infinity War.

Out of all the standalone Marvel movies currently in development, Thor: Ragnarok is arguably the one with the strongest ties to Avengers: Infinity War.

Indeed, that connective tissue was on full display during San Diego Comic-Con back in July, when Infinity War‘s inaugural trailer revealed a scene in which the God of Thunder, presumably battered and bruised from his encounter with Hela, crosses paths with the Guardians of the Galaxy. For the record, expect the official version of said teaser to hit the interwebs before the year’s end.

On paper, though, Ragnarok and Infinity War are still fairly different; the former is a “stunningly fun” spacefaring adventure┬áthat encourages ad-lib humor, while the other is an event movie of “infinite proportions.” And that’s something Chris Hemsworth discussed during a recent chat with Cinema Blend.

Essentially, the Aussie actor draws a line between the relatively lax atmosphere on Ragnarok, and how it compared to Avengers: Infinity War. It was seemingly a whole different experience, though the actor did stress that working under Joe and Anthony Russo was just as enjoyable.

I came into [The Avengers: Infinity War] honestly nervous after this film, because I had the most liberating experience, thinking, ‘Arg, I’ve got to keep this continuity.’ And it was a whole different experience again, but as enjoyable. I think if you stay open-minded to it, and available to anyone’s suggestions and input, then I think that’s the safest place to be, you know?

Avengers: Infinity War will see a release on May 4th, 2018. Closer to home, Ragnarok is expected to bring Asgard to its knees on November 3rd, and it’ll seemingly come packing not one, but two post-credits scenes.

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