Chris Hemsworth Says He Beat His Infinity War Co-Star Chris Evans In Arm Wrestling


You may recall a scene in last year’s Thor: Ragnarok where the God of Thunder sits down with Bruce Banner and catches him up on everything he’s missed since transforming into the Hulk. Inevitably, the recent battle between the son of Odin and the big green beast comes up, at which point Chris Hemsworth’s character makes the dishonest assertion that he easily won this fight. With this lie in mind, perhaps we should be taking Hemsworth’s latest boast with a grain of salt, as the Australian actor claims to have triumphed over another Avengers: Infinity War co-star in a test of strength

Hemsworth was answering fan questions online as part of a video for GQ when he was asked who would win in an arm wrestling match between him and Captain America himself, Chris Evans. Though the question was likely meant as a fun hypothetical, Hemsworth alleges that this scenario has already played out, stating in response: “I have won in an arm wrestle.”

Not content to let the news of victory speak for itself, Hemsworth then lays into the Steve Rogers actor further, informing the questioner that “He’s actually only about 4’3. They have to enlarge him on screen. So yeah, that’s an easy one.” With Thor and Cap being among the few surviving Avengers after the events of Infinity War, you’d think that the two of them would try to get along a little better than this, but then again, maybe Hemsworth took it personally when Evans copied his beard.

All the same, you can expect Thor to be in a humbler place when Avengers 4 comes out on May 3rd, 2019, having let foolish pride get the better of him when he squandered his last-minute opportunity to take out Thanos before “The Snap.” In the meantime, you can now check out Avengers: Infinity War on all major platforms.