Avengers: Infinity War Directors Reveal Why Thor Didn’t Go For Thanos’ Head


Even for a movie that shot past 160 minutes, Avengers: Infinity War simply whizzed by, and it’s a credit to directors Joe and Anthony Russo that audiences were rooted to the edge of their seats for the entire runtime. It’s not without its faults, of course, but the threequel is a true masterstroke of blockbuster filmmaking – the kind of superhero ensemble that simultaneously raises the bar all the while delivering a truly satisfying sense of closure to 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And at the heart of that MCU smackdown was Thanos, Josh Brolin’s Mad Titan who finally managed to acquire all six Infinity Stones in order to eviscerate half of all life in the universe. He did so with a snap of his fingers, too, which really shows the raw, untold power simmering within the Infinity Gauntlet.

That’s not to say that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes didn’t have their chances to avert disaster, as both Star-Lord and Thor came pretty damn close to besting Thanos at the 11th hour. And while most would probably place more blame on the former, the God of Thunder was acting quite selfishly, too.

Though the Russos touched on it a while back, they’ve now addressed Thor’s decision to go for the Mad Titan’s chest rather than his head once again. Over on Twitter, Jeremy Conrad informed us that on the audio commentary found on the Infinity War Blu-ray, Joe and Anthony explain why Hemsworth’s hero did what he did, saying:

Thor didn’t go for the head because he wanted [to get] revenge against Thanos and wanted [to say] that “I told you I’d kill you for that” line.

Conrad didn’t give us anything more than what’s up above, but we’re sure the aforementioned commentary from the directors goes much deeper into things. Not to mention it’ll no doubt reveal a whole lot of other juicy tidbits and hopefully answer some of those nagging questions we still have after seeing Avengers: Infinity War.

For now, though, there you have it. Thor was just as selfish as Star-Lord, it seems, putting his thirst for revenge ahead of, well, saving the entire world.