Chris Hemsworth shares heartwarming video with the next Hemsworth generation

With the holiday season upon us, many of us are spending more time with family and friends, and celebrities are no different, even if it’s summer right now where they come from.

Chris Hemsworth recently shared a video on Instagram showcasing a sweet moment between him and his son where they reenacted a moment from Big. You should watch it immediately if you’ve never seen the movie, but you can check out that specific scene here.

Hemsworth is definitely enjoying the opportunity to have, as he calls it, an “aggressive solo” while his son handles rhythm. Given the success rate of Hemsworths in the entertainment industry, this kid is definitely going places.

You can tell the dynamic between Hemsworth and his children is a strong one full of love, fun, and just a hint of sarcasm. Hemsworth talks about his children fondly and shares sweet moments on Instagram relatable captions for parents who have totally been there.

Of course, we can’t forget our favorite photo of them all where his son lets him know he wishes to be Superman when he grows up. It’s not like his dad is a superhero, too, or anything.

Are you a fan of Chris Hemsworth? Do you reenact favorite scenes from films with your own family and friends? Let’s talk about it.