Chris Hemsworth shares “intense” ‘Extraction 2’ stunt rehearsal video

A sequel to Chris Hemsworth’s hit Extraction action movie for Netflix is well into production and throughout the moviemaking process the man we all know and love for playing Thor has been documenting the Extraction 2 experience.

Yesterday on Instagram Hemsworth shared a short video which promised what he said was “probably the greatest and most difficult stunt ever captured on film.” While this suggests a lot to a viewer, the actual footage was just him having a good time and slipping into a coat in an elaborate way most people never have to do in the course of their lives.

This was greeted with a warm reception from a number of commenters. Thanos actor Josh Brolin laughed at it, Mark Ruffalo posted a heart, flame and several clapping hand emojis’ and many said laughed and said they could not wait.

Extraction 2, which is based on a graphic novel titled Ciudad by Andre Parks will debut on Netflix in April 2023. The first movie, which had Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake character rescuing the son of a drug lord, received mixed reviews. It has a 67 percent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes and was lauded for its action sequences and Hemsworth’s performance.

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