Chris Hemsworth Reportedly Hoping To Show Up In Extraction Spinoffs


After stepping away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Russo brothers have become more active than ever, attaching themselves to a number of projects spanning multiple different genres. Since Avengers: Endgame was released, the siblings have produced Chadwick Boseman action thriller 21 Bridges, acclaimed horror Relic, pulse-pounding war movie Mosul and upcoming sci-fi Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Joe and Anthony’s next directorial effort, Cherry, will arrive early next year and looks to ride a wave of awards season buzz, before they get back into the blockbuster business on Netflix’s $200 million espionage actioner The Gray Man, which will star Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling and has its eyes on launching a multi-film franchise. There’s also the small matter of Extraction, which was written by Joe and produced through their AGBO company, and went on to become the aforementioned streaming platform’s most-watched original movie ever.

A sequel was an inevitability from the day the first installment arrived, but based on recent comments by the Russos, it looks as though we’re getting an entire Extraction Cinematic Universe, one that will include further adventures for Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake and also various spinoffs featuring other characters to tell stories in multiple timelines from different points of view.

Not only that, but insider Daniel Richtman claims that Hemsworth is pushing to appear in these projects as well in some capacity, to provide the connective tissue throughout Netflix’s planned shared universe of incredibly violent and deliriously entertaining shoot em’ ups. The big Aussie has already promised that he’ll be back in the world of Extraction at least a few more times, and at this rate, Tyler Rake is well on his way to being viewed as the platform’s premiere action hero.