Chris Hemsworth Teases A Battle With The Hulk In Thor: Ragnarok


Thor isn’t going to factor into Captain America: Civil War next year, and neither will The Hulk. However, both of those heroes are set to return in Thor: Ragnarok, the highly anticipated 2017 movie which will be directed by Taika Waititi, the talented filmmaker responsible for the brilliant What We Do In The Shadows.

The relationship between the God of Thunder and Jade Giant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been a little rough, with them actually coming to blows in The Avengers. What does that mean for Thor: Ragnaork, though?


Chris Hemsworth was asked how we should expect to see their relationship develop in a recent interview to promote In the Heart of the Sea, and had this to say about a possible rematch:

“I’d like to think I let him win last time, but because this movie is called Thor, I have to win this time. I hope it’s a Butch Cassidy (and the Sundance Kid) sort of story. That would be fun. I love Mark. I think those two characters haven’t spent a whole lot of time talking to each other on screen (so far in the Marvel movies) , so it’s something new, I think it would bring something different out of the characters. It’s hard to have a conversation with the Hulk.”

The two heroes coming to blows is a must for Thor: Ragnarok (even if it only happens briefly), especially with Hemsworth’s contract nearing an end (he has only three pictures left; the next Thor and the two-part Avengers: Infinity War). Will the Australian actor renew his deal to keep playing the character though? Right now, Hemsworth seems undecided:

“Contractually that will finish me up, I have to see how I feel at the end of them, it’s still a while away. Ask me in three films time.”

We’re just going to have to wait and see on that then, but if Marvel makes him the right offer, you have to believe that he’ll say yes. Much of that will hinge on how well Thor: Ragnarok is received, of course, but we’re definitely holding out hope for more Hemsworth.