Chris Hemsworth And Tessa Thompson Goof Around In Men In Black Set Videos


While we assume that things are running smoothly and with a degree of professionalism on the set of the new Men in Black, Chris Hemsworth is sure finding plenty of time to goof around between scenes.

The actor recently took to Twitter with a 6-second video that sees the Thor star filming himself while spinning around in circles, his expression growing ever more ecstatic as his background whizzes by. The caption: “I do all my own stunts”

The clip comes a day after BuzzFeed News senior entertainment editor Jarett Wieselman ‏posted a set video of his own, featuring Hemsworth and his old Thor: Ragnarok co-star Tessa Thompson each striking a pose.

Hemsworth certainly hasn’t been shy about sharing images and clips from behind the scenes of the fourth Men in Black, but there’s much to be learned about the movie itself.

We do, however, know that he and Thompson will be replacing Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as the leads of the series, and that the film is taking place in the same timelines as the previous three installments. This means that the adventures of Agent J and Agent K will still be canon to the franchise, and while the pair themselves may not be present, Emma Thompson will be reprising her role as MIB head Agent O from 2012’s Men in Black 3.

Smith and Jones have left some pretty big shoes to fill, but Hemsworth and Thompson have proven chemistry that will hopefully get them far in recapturing the fun of the 1997 original, or at least delivering something more memorable than the second and third movies. Regardless, we’ll see how these new defenders of Earth fare when the next Men in Black hits theaters on June 14th, 2019.

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