Chris Hemsworth’s Trainer Teases Huge Transformation For Hulk Hogan Role

Thor Ragnarok
Image via Marvel Studios

While Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and Chris Evans’ Captain America have officially left the Avengers, Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor is still sticking around. For a bit, at least. Not only is the God of Thunder virtually immortal, but he was last seen venturing into deep space with the equally durable Guardians of the Galaxy.

The main question, then, is not whether Thor will return, but what he’ll look like when he does. In his latest standalone film, Ragnarok, the character underwent quite the change, as Taika Waititi opted to cut his manes and give him an eye-patch. Then, in Endgame, Thor’s look was altered yet again, much to the shock of fans. The character’s manes returned and they were more untamed than ever before. Most radically, however, was the guy’s body, which now sported a big beer belly fostered by weeks of uninterrupted Fortnite playing.

Whether Thor will retain his “Big Lewboski” look or revert back to his “normal” self for Love and Thunder remains to be seen. However, as far as Hemsworth’s personal trainer is concerned, the latter may be more likely.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Jono Castano Acero said the actor’s body is capable of building up enormous amounts of muscle. “Hemsworth is going to pack on some major pounds for this role,” he says, referring to an upcoming biopic about the life of WWE legend Hulk Hogan, whom the actor will be portraying, “so it’s going to be tough work, of course.”

“With any transformation, diet, exercise and your mental state all play a big role in the outcome,” explained Jono. “Chris has always looked amazing in all his roles, so I am confident he can achieve this physique.”

While the actual Hogan is widely believed to have used steroids to obtain his abnormal physique, Hemsworth himself has no intentions of using them. “One of the most important aspects I get my clients to think about is why they want to make the change,” Acero explained. “Your mental state needs to be a positive one.”

Sounds like Chris Hemsworth has a pretty big transformation ahead of him, then, and we can’t wait to see how the actor looks in the role.

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