Chris Pine Recalls Wonder Woman’s Most Revealing Scene


Raised on the relatively sheltered island of Themsycira, Diana Prince has much to learn about the outside world by the time Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman gets going in earnest – including the anatomy of a man.

It allows for a delightfully innocent exchange between Gal Gadot’s title heroine and Steve Trevor, the WWI pilot played by Chris Pine who crash lands on Themsycira and becomes the first man to walk alongside the Amazon Warrior. And though it may be considered slightly spoiler-ish, Pine reflected on Wonder Woman‘s most revealing scene in a recent interview with KABC.

The Star Trek actor, who was partially nude for the bathing scene, recalled the moment in which Diana Prince looks on at his Trevor with curious fascination, before she asks whether he considers himself a typical man. Trevor’s response? “Slightly above average.”

“I actually knew I was going to do the movie because of that. I felt like Kate Capshaw or something in Indiana Jones [and the Temple of Doom]. It was just such a funny, such a male, such a dumb joke. It was a great moment. I really enjoyed that.”

Meanwhile, in a separate interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Wonder Woman cinematographer Matthew Jensen touched base on the technical side of said scene, and how lighting Themsycira’s enchanting fountains became rather tricky.

“It was an enormous technical problem for me, as we were dealing with the idea that the Amazons had harnessed the power of the water that was running through the city and they could have light emerging from the water — and that’s really what was allowing them to see at night, because we didn’t want to deal with the standard candles and torches as a source of lighting at night. So I was trying to light the scenes basically all from these glowing vases and that idea came together very late.”

Warner Bros. unleashed Wonder Woman into theaters on June 2nd and since then, the Patty Jenkins-directed origin story has gone on to achieve one success after another. If it’s more coverage you’re after, look no further than our glowing review, along with the latest episode of WGTC’s Cinemaholics podcast.

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