Chris Pratt Is In The Running For Yet Another Iconic Animated Character


Hollywood’s most sought after voice actor is…Chris Pratt? The actor, who’s already playing Mario and Garfield in upcoming movies, might be taking on another well-loved character as well.

It seems that no high-profile role is too big for Pratt, who’s already done Jurassic Park movies and fronted a Marvel film. Now it looks like he’s taking on something decidedly littleStuart Little, to be exact. Reports are coming in that Pratt, who’s like a kindergartner with all the best toys at this point, could potentially portray the title character from the classic 1945 children’s book by E. B. White.

The last time we saw Stuart Little was in 1999 when a film of the same name was released. Michael J. Fox voiced the titular mouse that time around as well as in its two follow-ups, 2002’s Stuart Little 2 and 2005’s straight-to-video Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild.

For the uninitiated, Stuart Little is the story of a lovable mouse and his friend Margalo the bird. In the books, Stuart is born a mouse to human parents and in the film he’s adopted.

The movies loosely followed the plot of the book, but the new film could potentially be more of a closed adaptation, although the book is decidedly darker than most modern family-friendly fare.

There’s been a some controversy over Chris Pratt’s new decision to take over the voice acting field with these iconic characters. While he climbed the ranks from sitcom sidepiece in Parks and Rec to reliable box office champ with Guardians of the Galaxy, there are some questions about his personal life. He’s reportedly a member of anti-LGBTQ church Hillsong (he admits to being a member but says the hateful rhetoric charge is false) and he’s been seen in a “Don’t tread on me” T-shirt⏤a right wing adopted image that has its roots in the early forming of the country.

Regardless, many people are just unsure that he has the chops to pull off both Mario and Garfield, and now Stuart Little. The man is a movie star, though, and that doesn’t happen accidentally, so it’ll be interesting to see if Pratt can prove everyone wrong.