Chris Pratt Reportedly Wants To Join The DCEU

Chris Pratt

There’s a definite difference between being an actor and being a movie star, with the former more focused on securing the best and most challenging parts to stretch the limits of a talent’s capabilities to immerse themselves in a role, while the latter tends to involve signing on to titles designed to appeal to the widest possible audience and deliver entertaining crowd-pleasers to the masses.

Ever since securing his breakout gig in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt has definitely become a huge name in Hollywood, one with a penchant for appearing almost exclusively in glossy, big budget films. As well as his recurring role as the comic book franchise’s Peter Quill, the 41 year-old headlines the multi-billion dollar Jurassic World series, teamed up with Denzel Washington in $100 million Western The Magnificent Seven and will next be seen in Amazon’s time travel blockbuster The Tomorrow War.

Even his existential sci-fi romance Passengers cost a pretty penny and was largely sold and marketed on the back of Pratt and co-star Jennifer Lawrence’s popularity. On top of that, he’s also attached to the Russo brothers’ action comedy Saigon Bodyguards, while comic book adaptation Cowboy Ninja Viking remains out there somewhere despite Universal pulling it from the release calendar in 2018 just weeks before production was set to begin.

Insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that Chris Pratt wants to add the DCEU to his spectacle-driven slate as well, but it’s best to take this one with a pinch of salt given that no further details are made available as to the how, what, when, where or why regarding one of the MCU’s biggest names pitching up at the competition. The rival shared universe would no doubt love to have him, but with so little information to go on, it’s hard to speculate much further.