Chris Pratt Says Super Mario Role Is A Dream Come True

When someone says the name Chris Pratt, most people associate him with either Parks and Rec or, more likely, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Well, with the news breaking of his casting in the Super Mario movie, perhaps now he’ll be universally recognized (for his voice at least) as everyone’s favorite Italian Plumber. To some, it could seem like a step down in his career while he’s still in the midst of a successful run in the MCU, but to Pratt, this is a dream role he’s thought about since he was a kid. The actor even posted a video to Instagram to express his excitement about taking on such an iconic character.

Ending the video with an impression of Mario, only to quickly assure fans that wasn’t the voice he’d be using, Pratt also used the expression “Dreams come true.” As silly as the video was, it was sweet to see this big guy so excited over something he’s been passionate about since he was a kid.

As with all casting announcements, there’s been some controversy surrounding Pratt getting the part. Can he pull off an Italian accent? Does he look like the character? And yes, it is an animated movie…

Even with the casting concerns though, Chris Pratt is Mario and the rest of the cast is just as stacked. Casting has also announced Anya Taylor-Joy (The Queen’s Gambit) as Princess Peach, Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) as Luigi, Jack Black (School of Rock) as Bowser, Keegan Michael-Key (Schmigadoon!) as Toad, and even Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong.

With such an incredible cast supporting Chris Pratt, it’s only right for him to be so stoked! All we can hope is his excitement translates to the big screen in 2022, when the Mario movie releases.