Chris Pratt Also Being Eyed For Disney’s Live-Action Tarzan Remake


The Lion King recently roared past $1 billion at the global box office, so you can be sure we’ll be getting many more remakes of Disney’s classics in the next few years. In particular, revamps of the beloved titles from the so-called Disney Renaissance (1989-99) have gone down well with audiences and as such, it’s no surprise that the latest movie that we’re hearing will get the remake treatment is 1999’s Tarzan

Yesterday, we brought you the news that Ryan Reynolds is on the studio’s wishlist to play the titular jungle man and our sources have now informed us that Chris Pratt is likewise on Disney’s radar to bring Tarzan to life. As the project is at such an early stage, though, it’s possible – and probably likely – that the studio hasn’t reached out to either actor yet as they’re only on a wishlist right now. As such, don’t be surprised if Pratt denies this. In fact, we imagine that he’s completely unaware that the Mouse House is even eyeing him.

That being said, we’re inclined to believe what we’re hearing, as this is the same source who told us last month that Disney was working on Aladdin 2, something that was just officially confirmed this past week. We’ve also brought you the news that remakes of other Disney movies released around this time – the late 90s/early 00s – are in the works, like Hercules, Treasure Planet and Atlantis: The Lost Empire


Going by the fact that Disney is looking at both Pratt and Reynolds for Tarzan, we can maybe glean something about the direction the project will go in. Both actors are known for their comedic chops whereas the original animated character – voiced by Tony Goldwyn – is more of a straight-laced, brooding hero. Perhaps Disney want the remake to dig into the potential slapstick or light-hearted antics that you can get from an uncivilized man raised by apes, much like the Brendan Fraser-starring George of the Jungle did back in the 90s.

In any case, while we wait to hear more about the Tarzan redo, the next theatrical live-action remake on the way from the studio is Mulan, coming March 27th, 2020. Meanwhile, Lady and the Tramp is also due on Disney Plus in November.