First Trailer For Chris Rock’s Saw Reboot Coming Next Week


While everyone’s nursing either a beer-driven hangover or a buffalo chicken-dip induced food baby in their post-Super Bowl hazes, Chris Rock and crew are going to gift the masses a stomach-churning look at a grisly horror franchise! That’s right, we’re hearing today that we’re going to catch our first official glimpse of the upcoming Saw continuation starring and written by the comedian this coming Monday.

Not much is known about the next installment in the long-running series, but Chris Rock has said that it’s going to be both scary and a little funny, and that audiences shouldn’t worry about any tonal issues. Heck, the movie doesn’t even have a title yet, so it’ll be nice to finally get to see how the project is shaping up. It makes sense to come after the Super Bowl, too, since we’re luckily going to be getting a hard-R installment of Jigsaw’s continuing exploits and the trailer will likely be a bit dark and edgy.

So far, buzz for the next Saw has been pretty positive, with the pic being shot and edited so efficiently that the release was bumped up to May 15th from its original October 23rd date. After all, who wants to compete against Halloween Kills? Not many people. I sure wouldn’t. Michael tends to clean up at the box office, so this was certainly a smart move on the studio’s part.

I’m kind of interested in revisiting the franchise, too. I really haven’t paid much attention to it, and, if I’m being real, I can’t exactly remember the last Saw picture I, uh, saw. I thought the first one was pretty interesting, but I spoiled the movie for myself by playing around on its official website before its release on home video, which gave away the entire plot. At least Rock and crew have been tight-lipped about this flick, which only adds a genuine layer of intrigue in this age of leaks and spoilers. I’ll definitely be watching the trailer come Monday, that’s for sure.

Source: FandomWire