Christian Bale And Anne Hathaway On The Dark Knight Rises Set

Some new photos have hit the web thanks to JustJared of Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway filming The Dark Knight Rises in downtown L.A. Like other sneak peaks in the past few weeks, these photos only whet the appetite for more of Christopher Nolan‘s third and final installment in the revamped Batman trilogy.

In these pics, we get a look at Hathaway dressed to kill in a black gown and black coat. She plays a re-imagined Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, and though the earlier pics of her as Catwoman in strange goggles were less than dazzling, she looks more sleek and lethal in these set photos.

We haven’t seen too much of Bale, so it’s nice to have some set photos of him even if they’re not of him playing vigilante superhero Batman. Instead we see him sporting his dapper alter-ego Bruce Wayne here. Apparently in these scenes Bale was spotted getting into a brand new Lamborghini, while Hathaway hailed a cab.

Again, it seems an invitation for photo leaks and video peaks when Nolan chooses downtown locales for filming. I guess his desire for gritty urban realism is The Dark Knight Rises fans’ wetdream. Check out the photos below and tell us what you think about the new looks.