Christina Ricci starring in high concept cyberpunk sci-fi

Christina Ricci has been working solidly for over 30 years, but the actress finds herself in the midst of a mini resurgence thanks to the acclaim that’s greeted her role on Showtime series Yellowjackets, while she’s set for her biggest movie appearance in a while when The Matrix Resurrections comes to theaters and HBO Max next month.

As per Deadline, The Addams Family star is sticking with the genre for a little longer, having signed on to play a supporting part in the intriguing-sounding cyberbunk story The Dresden Sun, which is being written and directed by Michael Ryan.

As per the logline, Ricci will appear as Dr. Dresden Corliss, an inventor of cosmic technology who finds herself grieving over the loss of loved one. The main thrust of the plot follows a veteran mercenary with a troubled past who partners up with a corporate insider to steal a MacGuffin known as ‘the sphere’ from the Peredor company.

At the same time, a financial analyst goes rogue and heads on the run from a deranged military contractor after being caught up in a potentially deadly game of financial fraud and technological espionage. It sounds like there’s going to be an awful lot going on in The Dresden Sun, but low budget and high concept sci-fi has been incredibly fertile ground for great movies, and long may it continue.