Christmas Movies Are Beginning To Infiltrate The Netflix Most-Watched List


Early November is a no man’s land for people looking to make the most of every holiday no matter how big or small, with the excitement from Halloween still lingering in the background, while more and more eyes begin turning towards the festive season.

As a result, it’s left many feeling conflicted as to whether they should stick with the horror genre for another week or two, or start focusing their attentions solely on Christmas. A quick glance at the Netflix most-watched list and its relative dearth of spooky or scary titles would indicate that subscribers are already casting their gaze in a Yuletide direction, almost seven weeks before the fat man comes down the chimney.

love hard

As per FlixPatrol, there are currently two Christmas movies in the platform’s Top 10, with more and more snaking their way up the rankings as we speak. Romantic catfishing comedy Love Hard has been holding onto the top spot for several days now, but Elizabeth Hurley and John Cleese’s Father Christmas is Back has crashed right into seventh after premiering on Sunday.

A little further back we have Dutch-Belgian production The Claus Family, which gives us a trio of Christmas titles ascending the ranks just as the gory likes of The Invisible Man, It: Chapter Two and Army of the Dead begin spiraling downwards, and the trend is only set to continue over the coming days and weeks.