Christopher McQuarrie Open To Directing Man Of Steel 2 If The Story’s Good


Of all the directors fans want to see helm a DC movie, Mission: Impossible‘s Christopher McQuarrie is high on the list. People got excited, then, when it was reported that not only was he in the running to direct Green Lantern Corpsbut he’d also discussed ideas for Man of Steel 2 with Henry Cavill. The latter option seemed to be the top pick for most, but McQuarrie would be a great choice to tackle either movie.

While speaking with ScreenRant, the director was pressed for whether he’d be interested in making a DC film. First off, he said that doing Man of Steel 2 would come with the benefit of working with Cavill again after Mission: Impossible – Falloutbut the most important thing would be whether it had “a good story” or not.

“To me, I’m interested in a good story. That’s really what it is. I mean, when Man of Steel came up, it was because somebody had asked me, did I want to work with Henry again? Which I would in a second. I go through the door that opens.”

So, we know McQuarrie talked about doing a Superman sequel with Cavill, but did he also discuss Green Lantern Corps with MI star Tom Cruise, who’s believed to be attached to the project? The director admitted that he didn’t speak about it while on the set of Fallout, and as for whether he’d direct Corps, the same thing applies as MoS2 – the story has to be good.

“You know, I got to say, Tom and I have never talked about it. We always kind of talk about what we’re working on or what we’re talking about working on next. I think, again, I think if you show them a good story, I think if you showed him a really emotional story, I don’t think, you know, it’s, I can never predict. I can never predict what it is he’s going to be drawn to.”

Though McQuarrie remains non-committal, his comments here are much more positive than previous statements he made on Twitter about being put off from making Star Wars and superhero movies due to the inescapable backlash of angry fans. He’s since deleted those tweets, however, so it seems he regrets saying that and has now changed his mind.

For the time being, though, we’ll just have to wait and see whether Christopher McQuarrie will be the man to bring either Man of Steel 2 or Green Lantern Corps to fruition. We’ve had small updates on both productions recently, so fingers crossed that Warner Bros. will give us an official announcement on at least one of them sooner rather than later.