Mission: Impossible Director No Longer Game For Man Of Steel 2


It seems Christopher McQuarrie is ready to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ to Warner Bros. and Man of Steel 2, in particular.

The Mission: Impossible – Fallout director was caught up in a Twitter debate late yesterday evening (h/t CBM), where he called out bigoted Star Wars fans for their constant and incessant criticism – bullying, really – of those creators responsible for The Last Jedi.

Since its arrival in December, writer-director Rian Johnson has been inundated by online trolls, and things took a turn for the bizarre late last month when it emerged that a pocket of ardent ‘fans’ had launched a crowdfunding effort in the hope of remaking Star Wars: The Last Jedi from scratch. No, really.

All of this has led McQuarrie to feel pretty disillusioned with Star Wars (and superhero movies, too), after the filmmaker admitted to one curious fan that, after last night’s deep dive into Twitter’s echo chamber, he’s lost all interest.

That’s disappointing, of course, particularly when you consider that McQuarrie has long teased his involvement in Man of Steel 2 over at Warner Bros. A Twitter post isn’t enough to convince us that he’s done with the Last Son of Krypton for good, but as you’ll see down below, things aren’t looking pretty hot at the moment.

Not that you can blame him, of course, as appealing to such a wide, multi-generational fanbase will always be a difficult (read: nigh on impossible) feat to achieve. Frankly, McQuarrie is surprised that Rian Johnson has had Twitter for so long, given the amount of hate he receives for The Last Jedi and its handling of the franchise’s key characters – namely Luke Skywalker.

Next up for McQuarrie is the launch of Mission: Impossible – Fallout later this month – just don’t hold your breath for the director to climb aboard Man of Steel 2