Christopher Nolan And Christian Bale May Re-Team For Justice League

Apparently, the Justice League film is in trouble. Last we heard, Will Beall’s script was trashed by Warner Bros. and the studio was looking to head in a new direction. Though they haven’t announced anything officially just yet, Latino Review has the latest scoop on the project and they claim that Christopher Nolan is developing the film and plans to bring back Christian Bale to reprise his role as Batman. Man of Steel star Henry Cavill will also appear alongside Bale in the film and if that isn’t enough to get you excited, Zack Snyder is also rumored to be directing.

Now, this all seems like a case of ‘too good to be true’, but Latino Review is usually pretty accurate when it comes to this stuff and involving Bale and Nolan, as well as Cavill and Snyder in the Justice League film seems like a safe bet, especially if the studio was getting cold feet due to Beall’s script. It would make sense too, for a project this ambitious why leave it in the hands of newcomers? Why not let the pros take the reigns? That’s exactly what Warner Bros. seems to be doing here.

Further adding fuel to this rumor is the fact that early screenings for Man of Steel are producing positive buzz, so it looks like the studio is starting to get some confidence again, which is probably why they want Snyder behind the camera for Justice League. There are also rumours of a Man of Steel sequel being greenlit by the studio, meaning that they are very happy with what they have on their hands.

As for Bale and Nolan, both individuals have stated numerous times that they can’t see themselves returning to the world Batman, though Bale has been a bit more open to it than Nolan. That being said, Warner Bros. clearly wants the duo in their corner for Justice League and I’m sure they would do anything to make it happen. A Justice League film being looked after by Nolan seems like a guaranteed success and Warner Bros. knows that.

For now though, this is all just a rumor. It could turn out that Snyder, Bale and Nolan have nothing to do with Justice League, only time will tell. If it does turn out to be true though, then we could be in for a film that matches and may even surpass The Avengers.

Check out the video below from Latino Review for the full scoop and let us know what you think of all this in the comments below.

Justice League Scoop! from Mayimbe Media on Vimeo.