Christopher Nolan Still Wants To Do A James Bond Film

In a recent interview with Empire, director Christopher Nolan revealed that he still hopes to do a James Bond film.

Now that the director is finished with his Batman trilogy, with The Dark Knight Rises releasing in six weeks, Nolan is looking towards future projects and he still has his eye on the James Bond franchise.

He did have a Howard Hughes biopic lined up but the project seems to have been scrapped, as Nolan filled that void with his Batman trilogy.

“Luckily I managed to find another wealthy, quirky character who’s orphaned at a young age,” said the director.

Admittedly, I’m a bit upset that Nolan has abandoned his Hughes biopic. Granted, Scorsese already gave us an excellent one a few years back but Nolan could have done something very different and I would have loved to of seen his take on Hughes’ life, especially the whole psychological aspect of Hughes and how crazy the man was.

Further in the interview, Nolan revealed that he still wants to direct a James Bond film, which he has been talking about for some time now.

 “It would have to be the right situation and the right time in their cycle of things,” said Nolan.

Presumably, Nolan would want to start fresh with the series, meaning he wouldn’t come on board with Daniel Craig still in the role. So don’t expect him to step behind the camera for a 007 movie anytime soon. That being said, I’m sure everybody would love to see the director take a stab at the franchise.

Many Bond elements are present in some of Nolan’s films already, most notably Inception, and I think he could do an excellent job given the chance.