Christopher Plummer And Shirley MacLaine Turn On The Charm In Elsa & Fred Trailer


Are there two more charming actors than Christopher Plummer and Shirley MacLaine? Maybe Helen Mirren or Bill Nighy, but even so, it’s hard to think of any actors who are such a pleasure to watch in whatever they choose to appear in. Their latest film is a romantic comedy directed by Michael Radford: Elsa & Fred, a story about finding love, whatever your age.

Plummer and MacLaine play two elderly people who come together after Fred experiences a devastating loss. Elsa helps bring him out of it, introducing him to a world of imagination, energy, and the pleasure of skipping the check at an expensive restaurant. Although Fred is briefly warned of Elsa’s tendency to confuse imagination and reality, it does not seem to matter: this is a comedy, after all, and Fred could use a little fantasy every once in awhile.

The trailer does well to showcase the talents of the formidable leads, both of whom seem to be enjoying themselves immensely. Yes, there is the standard romantic comedy soundtrack, a montage of people laughing, and hints of possible conflict looming on the horizon, but that’s to be expected. The question is how well the film does a tried and true romantic plot, and how the actors carry it off without it all becoming overly saccharine or melodramatic. I admit that watching this trailer, I simply felt happy. That in itself seems to be a good sign.

Director Radford was also the man behind Il Postino, another unlikely romance, so he has good credentials in making a heartfelt love story instead of your common, cynical romantic comedy. This Elsa & Fred is based upon the 2005 Argentinian film of the same name, which was itself quite popular.

Elsa & Fred will have its U.S. premiere on November 6. You watch the trailer below.

Source: The Playlist