Christopher Walken To Star Opposite Kevin Spacey For Ambitious Feline Comedy Nine Lives



Deadline brings word that Christopher Walken has signed on to star opposite Kevin Spacey for Barry Sonnenfeld’s ambitious (and possibly body-swap) comedy, Nine Lives.

In the film, Spacey is set to play the role of a workaholic businessman who, after a rather absurd accident, finds himself trapped in the body of a cat. With no-one left to turn to, it isn’t long before out protagonist seeks the help of Felix Grant (Walken), a mysterious pet shop owner that may hold the key to Spacey’s transformation back to the humankind.

With Sonnnenfeld behind the camera – director behind the likes of the Men in Black trilogy, Get Shortly and The Addams Family – the feature film certainly boasts a wacky sense of promise, with the filmmaker himself describing the project as a “funny, emotional, commercial comedy.” What exactly he means by commercial remains to be seen, not to mention the remainder of the cast and plot for Nine Lives, but the prospect of Kevin Spacey and Christopher Walken chewing up the screen has us filled with gleeful delight.

You’ve seen him conquer the White House as Frank Underwood and tormented co-workers as the devious Dave Harken in both Horrible Bosses movies, and now Sonnenfeld’s Nine Lives will see the award-winning Kevin Spacey assume the role of a feline. But will the director’s “funny, emotional” film deliver on its promising premise?

Source: Deadline

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