Chronicle Writer Max Landis To Make Directing Debut With Me Him Her

If you’re an aspring screenwriter, Max Landis is the kind of guy you hate. Not because he’s a hack and he’s getting work and you’re still at home living with your parents and working at Burger King, but because Landis is young and talented and has a ton of projects coming up.

Yup. He’s got Chronicle 2 in the works, an adaptation of Frankenstein, an “edgy-family thriller” called Woogles (don’t ask), and now it’s been confirmed that he’s going to get to play director, too, with Me Him Her. Why don’t we just throw one big Max Landis party? The guy is obviously doing sooo well.

Bitter? Me? Of course not.

Me Him Her has been compared to Reality Bites and is set to follow three people in their “quarter-life” phase who’ve got some very personal issues and stuff. Landis has said that the film is going to be done in “the weirdest, most surreal way possible.” Just what exactly that means is anybody’s guess right now, but he also mentioned that Satan would turn up. Which is normal.

Shooting for Me Him Her begins in Spring. Or whenever Max Landis wants to begin shooting, I guess, ’cause he’s obviously sooo popular. What? I’m happy for the guy. Seriously. I mean, maybe if I were John Landis‘ son, too, I’d get movie deals and stuff, you know.


Source: The Film Stage

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