Chucky Will Kill Again In A Seventh Child’s Play Movie


It’s amazing how one film can single-handedly rejuvenate a franchise, even one of horror’s most storied series. There were major question marks after Chucky became a daddy in Seed Of Chucky, but thanks to Don Mancini’s brilliant reboot/sequel hybrid Curse of Chucky (which I LOVED), it comes as no surprise that the Chuckster’s legacy will live on so he can slash through another day.

One of the biggest questions left unanswered after Chucky’s sixth killing spree is the fate of Alice, played by child star Summer H. Howell. I won’t spoil anything for those of you slacking on your Child’s Play game, but let’s just say some things happen after the credits that leave young Alice’s whereabouts a mystery. Well, after being hounded day in and day out by fans, writer/director/creator Don Mancini took to the Twittersphere to announce future plans concerning a seventh Child’s Play:

Now, this is currently just Mancini’s word, and not a studio announcement, so right now all we can assume is that Don Mancini will go ahead and write Child’s Play 7 – or whatever title he decides on. Return Of The Curse Of Chucky? Yeah, that’s why Mancini is the writer and not me. Anyway, any studio would be silly to pass up distribution rights on Mancini’s next Chucky film after fans reacted so positively to the last installment this past fall.

Curse Of Chucky succeeded not only because Mancini got back to basics, but because the entire Child’s Play lineage was tied together with one simple, focused franchise entry that returned to the gritty gothic horror that Chucky was born for. Curse of Chucky was fun, scary, and a perfect return to form for the most famous killer doll of all time (not much competition, though).

So the question of the hour – where does Chucky go from here? Much to the joy of long-time fans, Jennifer Tilly returned as Tiffany, but once again in human form (which is in line with Seed Of Chucky‘s ending). Likewise, Chucky’s children Glen and Glenda were nowhere to be found, which again was a relief to most Chucky fans. Add in the after credits scenes (plural), and you’ve got a billion different directions Mancini could possibly go. Will we see a Tiffany doll once again? Where are Chucky’s children? Have we seen the last of Andy Barclay? Is Nica safe in an insane asylum? WILL CHUCKY EVER GET LUCKY AGAIN?!

If Mancini plans on continuing down the same path as Curse Of Chucky, you better believe I’ll be counting the days until the next Child’s Play film. I had an absolute blast watching Chucky terrorize a brand new set of victims, resorting to more stealthy methods once again, and I couldn’t be happier imagining old faces being fully introduced into the mix once again.

What do you guys think? Where would you like to see Don Mancini take a seventh Child’s Play film?