Here’s How Chucky Could Return In A Child’s Play Sequel


As fans knew to expect from the remake, the new Child’s Play offered a completely different take on Chucky the homicidal doll. Instead of a regular toy possessed by the spirit of a serial killer, this Chucky – voiced by Mark Hamill in place of Brad Dourif – was a smart doll equipped with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. The end result was the same, though, as he went on a murderous rampage and the doll was destroyed at the end of the movie. But the past 30 years of the franchise have taught us that you can’t kill Chucky forever.

The Child’s Play remake concludes with Andy (Gabriel Bateman) rescuing his mom Karen (Aubrey Plaza) from Chucky’s clutches, with Detective Mike (Brian Tyree Henry) helping to defeat the toy. Chucky is chopped into little pieces and the next wave of Buddi dolls is recalled by the Kaslan corporation after the incident. However, the final moments of the movie feature a shot of an original Buddi doll activating while still in its packaging, with its eyes glowing red.

The implication is that Chucky’s consciousness has escaped into the cloud and has downloaded itself into another doll. This is a fun update on the way that Chucky’s soul would always be summoned back into another doll in order to keep making sequels. In this version, it seems that Chucky’s not done tormenting his “best friend” Andy and is still out for revenge.

After that shot, the credits roll as Hamill sings the creepy cheery Buddi song featured in the movie. Except in this rendition, he really lets rip and brings out the malevolence in the character, which he’d previously held back on in favor of a sweet, good-natured voice for the toy. This may give us a taste of how he’ll play Chucky in the sequel, teasing that the doll may hue closer to the vicious monster that was the original.

Of course, a Child’s Play follow-up hasn’t been confirmed just yet, but tell us, would you like to see one? And if so, what direction would you like it to head in? Let us know in the comments section down below, buddy.

Source: ScreenRant