Chucky Wishes You A Bloody Mother’s Day With New Child’s Play Poster

Child's Play

The marketing team over at Orion Pictures must be having a great time promoting Child’s Play, the modern retelling of the 1988 horror classic. Late last month, we got a satiric poster that slashed its opening weekend competitor, Toy Story 4, and now, they seem to be bringing that sadistic humor over to Mother’s Day.

In the latest promotional poster, we see the Chucky doll holding a nice bouquet of pink and white flowers. All’s well and good and sweet until you spot the blood-soaked knife sticking out the top of it. Given that Child’s Play is being marketed as having come from the producers of IT, the easy blend of comedy and murder, which we’ll surely see in the film as well, is a nice fit.

Another point of emphasis from Orion is the new cast, which features Parks and Recreation‘s Aubrey Plaza and young Gabriel Bateman as the family who mistakingly bring the Buddi doll into their home. And all that’s without mentioning its biggest star, Mark Hamill, who’ll be voicing the iconic butcher toy.

Hamill, whose claim to fame is as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, is replacing Brad Dourif, who’d voiced Chucky in all the other installments. While that might turn some fans off, it may help them to remember that Hamill isn’t new to voice acting, having played the Joker in several animated Batman series, films, and video games.

But regardless of preferences, we’ll see how the new movie does against the backdrop of a horror-filled 2019, and in its competition with the Pixar sequel, when Child’s Play hits theaters later next month, on June 21st.