CineEurope Heralds Special Featurette For Captain Marvel


Avengers 4 wasn’t the only MCU title on the CineEurope guest list; as revealed by The Hollywood Reporter, the Powers That Be also rolled out a “special featurette” for Captain Marvel, the female-fronted origin story that’s expected to take flight early next year.

Exactly what that footage contained is anyone’s guess, really, as Marvel seemingly has no intention of releasing the showreel online anytime soon – ditto for Avengers 4, which premiered some footage of its own to those in attendance at CineEurope in Barcelona.

For Captain Marvel, though, the focus was placed solely on Brie Larson, who is, according to Jeremy Conrad, primed to step into the shoes of Carol Danvers and “take the lead in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.” And isn’t that exciting? We always knew Larson’s heroine would quickly become the strongest Avenger in the entire MCU, so it’s only fitting that she takes on a sizeable role during Phase 4 and beyond.

That particular quote was reportedly played over the CineEurope footage, though its origins remain a mystery. Chances are it was über-producer Kevin Feige championing the arrival of Captain Marvel, or one of the film’s two directors, Ryan Fleck or Anna Boden.

Via Twitter:

Whatever the case, it’s an exciting time to be a Carol Danvers fan, not least because she’s coming to the screen by way of a bona fide Oscar winner. Yes, Brie Larson continues to impress with each passing year – from Room to Kong: Skull Island, this is an actress with serious talent – and we can’t wait to watch as she settles into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Look for Captain Marvel to zoom into theaters on March 8th, 2019.