Clint Eastwood’s Racist Comments At The 1973 Academy Awards Go Viral


With the invention of the internet, it’s harder than ever before for a moment to become completely forgotten and go away forever. Right now @rafaelshimunov, sending out a video to their over 52.1k followers on Twitter, has reminded the internet of a darker moment in film history.

The edited clip shows actress Sacheen Littlefeather declining the Best Actor award for Marlon Brando’s performance in The Godfather. Brando had boycotted the 45th Academy Awards to protest the portrayal of Native Americans in Hollywood movies and to raise awareness for The Wounded Knee Occupation which was taking place at the time.

Littlefeather, who had appeared in movies like Counselor at Crime and The Laughing Policeman at the time, bravely took to the stage to make her speech but got a terrible quip from Clint Eastwood when it was his turn to take the stage afterward.

“I don’t know if I should present this award on behalf of all the cowboys shot in all the John Ford westerns over the years.”

Clint Eastwood – 1973 Oscars

Littlefeather has claimed that there were people making stereotypical Native American war cries at her and miming chopping with a tomahawk when she went backstage as well. But even worse, is how John Wayne almost physically assaulted her for making the speech at all.

“During my presentation, he was coming towards me to forcibly take me off the stage, and he had to be restrained by six security men to prevent him from doing so.”

While it is tragic that Littlefeather currently has terminal breast cancer, her work in activism will never be forgotten. Those interested to learn more about her life can check out the documentary Sacheen available on YouTube.

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  1. neonespressosays:

    When have to dig back 50 years of a man’s life to find something to be outraged about…

  2. Lalapaloozasays:

    I don’t get it. Yeah sure sucks what happened to her, but where are the racist remarks? Nothing Clint said was racist in the slightest.

  3. GamerPrime2306says:

    Every celebrity, in their life, have been an a racist & s

  4. GamerPrime2306says:

    Every celebrity, in theur

  5. GamerPrime2306says:

    Every celebrity, in their life, have been a racist, sexist & misogynistic fπ©k at various times in their lives. Some have realized their mistake, openly admitted them & changed themselves & some changed according to the times & situations around them changed. It’s unfortunate Eastwood falls under this chameleon category, coz this kind of minority mocking behaviour of his completely disappeared over the years. On the grand scheme of things, it’s both a mystery & also it doesn’t matter if he concealed this part of himself to remain where he was at the top of the cinema or if he realized his mistake & genuinely changed himself to be a better person. At this point in his career & age, it doesn’t matter if this blows up & people “cancel” him, coz he’s already on his way out of life. Besides, condemning him now for his petty behaviour from bygone time, at this time ain’t gonna no nothing at all.

  6. Jon Grudensays:

    She wasn’t even an Indian

  7. Facesays:

    This is just more proof to show how much the MEDIA IS THE PROBLEM!! And nowhere near part of a solution of any kind!!!

    1. Bobsays:

      Totally agree, this site and others like it are overreacting to the smallest of things and attempting to create trouble when there is no cause…pathetic. they should really take a look at their behaviour.

  8. Notmynamebutyourssays:

    So he made light of something in a different time, not only when it was acceptable, but expected. Made light of it, instead of being blatantly dickish or John Wayning it, and people are mad? Seriously, dude is a national treasure and having to go back FIFTY years to find something to try and be mad about is a doofus move. These people are unstable.

  9. Earl Hickeysays:

    I don’t care what clint eastwood said 50 years ago. still going to watch and enjoy his moviiesk

  10. Suck itsays:

    Fuck him and the flaccid horse he rode in on. Miserable old whites like him have nothing to do but die and be mad they’re so ugly. Whoever supports this wizened nutsack is as much a loser as his ugly mug is wrinkly.

    1. Bobsays:

      You’re not normal

    2. Grindersays:

      Losers generally are pretty petty and jealous and worthless just like you Suck it..

    3. Pinussays:

      lol someone sounds jealous that they aren’t White.

    4. Ninjascoutsays:

      🤣😂 you win the Oscar for being the biggest sheep to believe what he said there was more then a joke to change the mood

  11. Heinz 57says:

    What I find both tragic and amusing is that in today’s society the term racist is used so often but few know what one is or has encountered true racism. As a person of color, I find it disturbing that the “cancel culture” of today is creating more division and a lack of diversity than the previous true racists of the past. If you want to end racism, society needs to stop making judgements solely based on race and culture regardless of who it is.

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:


      You heard it here, folks. Heinz 57 thinks woke liberals on Twitter are creating more racial division than actual southern slaveowners used to cause in the antebellum south.

  12. PootingBear423says:

    I wonder if the person who wrote this article was even alive in 1973?! Geez o Pete – oh wait – was THAT racist? Derogatory? Sexist? I’m sure the writer has been been perfect their whole life.

  13. Intermixsays:

    You have to have your head perpetually jammed into your sphincter to spend time trying to find evidence to take down a man who’s contributed immeasurably to cinema. Social media is a waste of time and the vultures desperate for others to pay attention to them are far more immoral than any of the people they’re trying to cancel. Also:

  14. Woodysays:

    Where is the racist remark here? Typical left wing revisionist cancel-culture BS.

  15. DUHsays:

    When was what an actor had to say had any importance ??

  16. DUHsays:

    When was it that what an actor had to say was of any importance

  17. Chuck Martelsays:

    It’s called a joke. If you don’t like it, so what. Also, the actress and Brando were protesting. They were the provocateurs.

  18. The Jokersays:

    Uhmmm, didn’t Marlon Brando sexually assault an actress with a stick of butter? Oh boy, I’m not sure this is the hill you want to die on. His fake woke outrage just means he was ahead of his time.

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      What does Marlon Brando committing sexual assault have to do with this discussion?

      We might as well talk about John Wayne being a self-admitted white supremacist:

      “…we can’t all of a sudden get down on our knees and turn everything over to the leadership of the blacks. I believe in white supremacy…”
      -John Wayne

      Is this the hill YOU want to die on, Mr. The Joker?

  19. Pinussays:

    HAHA clowns. Liberals will get upset over anything. It’s really sort of sad that someone took the time to search 50 years of history just to find some non-sense that no logically minded person would find racist.

  20. Jacesays:

    Too bad for the pathetic liberal mob that Clint Eastwood is a god damn legend and doesn’t care what a bunch of woke morons with digital pitchforks think about him. I’ll have a drink in his honor tonight.

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