Clive Owen To Reign As The King Of The Castle In New Comedy

If you sat through last year’s Jonah Hill comedy, The Sitter, you must have watched a different film to most audiences as the general consensus suggests that the film is as much a comedy as The Evil Dead is an archaeology documentary.

Nevertheless, someone thought its writers, Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka, have skill as they’ve landed a deal to write and direct their own feature, The King Of The Castle. Now, the film has attracted the dramatic talent of Clive Owen, who has seldom ventured into the genre.

Little is known about the story so far except that Clive Owen will star as a philanderer who becomes blackmailed by a teenager. It does make one wonder if that is not the film’s story but the actual story behind why Owen took the role in the first place. For a script written by two chaps also responsible for penning a Baywatch reboot, it’ll be interesting to learn more about this project and who else signs on.

As well as Clive Owen, the project has backing from Benaroya Pictures, who’ve had a steady succession of releases this year with Lawless, the underrated-and-utterly-brilliant Margin Call and The Paperboy. The Film Stage also reports that the producer hat is to be donned by Jonathan Gordon, who is poised for greatness after his work on the upcoming The Silver Linings Playbook.

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