Close-Up Pic Gives Us New Look At Black Widow’s Avengers 4 Hairstyle


Things will be very different in Avengers 4. No, we’re not talking about the fact that half of the universe has been wiped out by Thanos, including many of the biggest heroes around. Rather, we’re referring to the fact that many of the leads will sport different hairstyles when we next see them.

Of course, we’ve known this for a while, as leaked concept art unveiled the appearances of the surviving characters in next May’s movie. For instance, Jeremy Renner’s mohawk as Hawkeye, something confirmed by the actor’s own Instagram uploads. For Captain America and Black Widow, meanwhile, they’ve decided to go back to their classic looks, with Rogers returning to his old suit in Avengers 4 and switching his hairstyle to blonde and clean-shaven again.

In Avengers: Infinity War, Natasha Romanoff went blonde but this time, she’ll be a redhead, with her hair braided into a ponytail. And a better glimpse at this look can be seen in the gallery below, via a close-up piece of concept art from Reddit.

The change in look for Natasha and Steve makes sense. In Infinity War, they’d been on the run as they were still fugitives from the law following the conflict over the Sokovia Accords. By the time of Avengers 4, which we expect to jump ahead a few years, their time as criminals is likely over, which is probably why they’ve resumed their classic looks. Also, it works on a thematic level, too, as the film is set to bring the story of the MCU full circle.

Other characters that’ll refresh their appearance in Avengers 4 include Hulk, who’ll finally wear some clothes as the concept art showed him in a purple bodysuit, and War Machine, whose armor will receive an upgrade. Ant-Man features in the concept art, too, and given that Paul Rudd’s been seen a lot on set for reshoots, we expect the shrinking hero to escape the Quantum Realm pretty soon into the film.

Source: Reddit