Has Cloverfield 3’s Real Title Just Leaked?


Soon after the credits rolled on Cloverfield, Matt Reeves’ found footage monster movie that stomped into theaters a decade ago, audiences were left to mull over a whole host of mind-boggling questions. Where did the alien creature come from? Did it survive the Hammer Down protocol? And just what on Earth does all this have to do with sushi?

And though many of those questions and queries remain unanswered to this day, director Dan Trachtenberg and J.J. Abrams crafted a peculiar, yet fiercely compelling extension of the Cloverfield universe last year in the form of 10 Cloverfield Lane. For a movie that entered production under the codename Valencia, with a minute budget of $15 million, Paramount’s standalone pic proved to be a runaway success, and it’s given the studio the impetus to craft a full-blown universe of loosely connected anthology films.

Next up is Cloverfield 3, the star-studded space movie that began life as God Particle. Headed up by director Julius Onah, the pic stars Daniel Bruhl, Elizabeth Debicki, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and John Ortiz as astronauts aboard the International Space Station, conducting experiments when something goes very, very wrong. That’s all we really know about it, though, as Paramount is keeping things pretty secretive, as is always the case with this franchise.

However, they seemingly can’t keep everything under wraps, as the title may have now leaked out. Ray Xu, “a lighting artist at Moving Picture Company (MPC)” has put Cloverfield Station down as one of his credits on LinkedIn. Granted, that’s far from a firm confirmation that the threequel will end up being called that, but it does sound pretty likely given what we know already, wouldn’t you say?

Cloverfield 3, or Cloverfield Station, or whatever the title actually is, will drop into theaters on April 20th after getting hit with a small delay. Which hopefully means that Paramount will give us a little more information on what exactly to expect sooner rather than later.