The Coen Brothers Will Delve Inside Llewyn Davis For Next Film

The Coen Brothers have earned a well deserved break after bringing us a movie a year since 2007. However, the pair are still working hard and have teased us with what their follow up would be to True Grit, reports back in June told us that they were working on a film based on the folk music scene in 1960’s New York. That film has now become a reality and it is called Inside Llewyn Davis.

Variety have told us that the film will be co-financed and sold internationally by Studio Canal with Scott Rudin coming on board to produce. The brothers have had a good relationship with Scott Rudin so far, their first collaboration was on the big Oscar hit No Country for Old Men and the other was the biggest box office success of their career: True Grit. So together, they have produced some successful works.

This film however sounds a little more indie. As originally reported, it is loosely based on folk singer Dave van Ronk who presided over the Greenwich Village folk scene in New York. However, the inspiration is loose so don’t expect documentary level of authenticity. Inside Llewyn Davis will literally follow a character called Llewyn Davis and his rise in popularity on the folk scene.

The film will contain a lot of music, in a similar vain to O Brother, Where Art Thou? and hopefully T. Bone Burnett will return to collaborate on bringing the music together. According to the brothers, all the music will be recorded live.

The film will be getting well underway now with Rudin and financing behind them, so Inside Llewyn Davis could get shooting as soon as 2012. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments.

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