Colin Firth Could Lead Woody Allen’s Next Film


Details surrounding Woody Allen’s next film are still relatively unknown. There’s no title yet, or a plot. The only thing we do know is that Emma Stone is set to star, which was announced last week. Now, we’re hearing that the director has found a male lead to star opposite Stone in British actor Colin Firth.

According to Deadline, the film will shoot in the South of France and will release after Blue Jasmine, which Allen has already completed. Aside from that though, there’s no further details on what we can expect from Allen’s next film. What’s interesting is that earlier today, Firth joined Matthew Vaughn’s comic book adaptation, Secret Service. Apparently the actor has carved out room in his schedule though to make it possible for him to work with Woody.

Unfortunately, we really don’t have much more to go on. Nothing is known about the film but very rarely does one go wrong when it comes to Allen or Firth. They are both responsible for some excellent movies.

Admittedly, Allen’s last effort, To Rome With Love, wasn’t his best work but then again, it’s hard to beat Midnight In Paris. Still, this is a Woody Allen film we’re talking about and both Stone and Firth are talented individuals, so as of now, count us as excited for this one.

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