A Colossal Task Awaits Josh Trank

In what is a monumental development for fans of Japanese developer Team Ico, director Josh Trank has signed with Sony Pictures to direct the movie adaptation of the popular PlayStation 2 title Shadow of the Colossus.

In the game you control the young protagonist Wander, a boy who is so desperate to bring his deceased lover back to life that he travels to a desolate area called the Forbidden Land. This realm is inhabited by 16 gargantuan creatures known as colossi, which Wander must slay if he wants to return to his lost love.

The popular PlayStation 2 action-adventure title gained much critical acclaim and became known for its reflective tone and immersive gameplay. It is seen as something of a classic amongst PlayStation fans, putting Trank under a lot of pressure to deliver something which will be well received by die-hards.

Trank made a name for himself when his found footage superhero flick Chronicle garnered $22 million (US) in its opening weekend. He has also been linked to other major projects in recent months including a Fantastic Four reboot and an Amazing Spider-Man spinoff based on super-villain Venom.

With all of these huge titles piling on to his plate, it seems like Trank has his own giants to slay.

No casting or production details yet on Shadow of the Colossus but we’ll keep you posted.