Comedian Louis C.K. Wants To Die A Horrible Death In Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Film


When Neill Blomkamp took to his personal Instagram account to showcase what his version of an Alien movie would look like, fans of the seminal sci-fi franchise were irrefutably blown away. After seeing the IP tarnished over the years through derivative spinoffs and middling crossover movies, the District 9 helmer’s vision acted like a beacon of hope that many believed would never materialize.

Low and behold, 20th Century Fox stood up and took notice of the artwork and the excitement it generated by confirming plans to move forward with a new installment with Blomkamp in control. The announcement also encouraged series stalwart Sigourney Weaver to reveal that she is open to returning as galaxy defender Ellen Ripley, but the actress also revealed that another star wants in on the action: comedian and Louis C.K.

Weaver confirmed the tidbit while appearing on the The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to talk all things Chappie — which also happens to be directed by Blomkamp — stating that the Louie actor wants to die a horrible onscreen death in the upcoming reboot. Not much else was revealed about Louis C.K.’s potential appearance in 20th Century Fox’s new-fangled Alien movie, but given the deadpan actor’s demeanour, this certainly sounds like something he would volunteer for.

Given that fans are still reeling from the initial confirmation that Blomkamp will helm the new Alien film, there’s little-to-no information relating to plot. Will 20th Century Fox use it as a vehicle for a total reboot? Or is this to be Alien 5? Whatever the case, what we do know is that it won’t have any effect on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus 2, allowing the studio to spin out a more robust cinematic universe for what is widely considered to be one of the greatest sci-fi IPs in history.