Comic Book Page From Logan Trailer Reveals A Closer Look The The X-Men’s New Uniforms


While it didn’t matter so much when the first X-Men movie was released, fans have really rallied against the utilitarian black leather costumes worn by the heroes in Bryan Singer’s early films. That’s been reflected in the team getting some proper superhero costumes at the end of both X-Men: Apocalypse and Deadpool, but what about Logan?

With a very different setting from previous movies set in this world, it’s clear the threequel won’t be your normal superhero caper, but one of the trailer’s most intriguing moments came when Wolverine could be seen reading an X-Men comic book featuring himself and the likes of Cyclops and Rogue wearing colourful costumes. Fans are now understandably excited about the prospect of seeing Logan in his classic yellow and blue, and artist Joe Quesada has today released the page seen in the trailer along with some interesting insight

Here’s what he had to say:

“Since this page is already public, as seen in the mind blowing Logan trailer, I’m guessing it’s okay to post these process pieces. It was a blast working closely with James Mangold on creating these pages (yes, there’s more than one) and thrilled to have been invited on the project. Attached are my final digital pencils that Dan Panosian had to recreate in a more 90s ink and coloring style and boy did he nail the look!”

Among the most popular theories right now is Logan having to wear his old suit to compensate for his failing healing factor. That, or some sort of flashback to the fall of the X-Men. Whether or not either of those things will finally put Hugh Jackman in a superhero suit remains to be seen, but Logan is definitely shaping up to be something pretty special and March 3rd cannot get here soon enough!