7 Things You Need To See In The Final Logan Trailer


With Hugh Jackman about to hang up his adamantium claws forever, all eyes are on Logan to provide a worthy final bow for the Wolverine. If he really does have to go – after 9 films over a record-breaking 17 years – if’d be nice if he could make his exit with his best ever outing as the character.

A loose adaptation of the Old Man Logan storyline from recent comics, Logan is set in a dystopian version of the future (again) where mutants are all but extinct (also again). What makes this one different though is that it looks to be a stripped-back human drama, with lots of juicy R-rated action thrown in for good measure. The moody, emotional approach of the first trailer did a great job of getting fans pumped for the movie and thankfully, the latest preview continues to impress.

Unusually for a big studio movie, though, this will also be the last trailer we get – as Fox want to keep most of the film under wraps until it arrives in cinemas this March. Some critics have already seen the first 40 minutes or so though and have given it raving reviews, which bodes very well for the whole picture. Could it be as big a success for the franchise as last year’s DeadpoolWe’ll have to wait and see, but hopes are certainly high.

While you wait for Jackman’s final outing as Wolvie to arrive in theatres, join us as we look back at 7 of the most interesting scenes from the new trailer and discuss their importance.