Comic-Con Brings Fresh Details For Warcraft Movie; Hall H Treated To 7 Minutes Of Footage


It was only a year ago that Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones debuted the first sliver of footage for Warcraft – a presentation that was met by almost unanimous approval by those in attendance. Since then, the director’s epic cinematic rendition has come an awful long way, and it’s understood that the adaptation is close to the finish line barring a handful of VFX shots that still need that extra sheen of polish before being dropped into the running order.

With his vision easing close to completion, Jones brought a few cast members along with him for the film’s Hall H presentation, where a full 7 minutes of footage was deployed. Alas, much like last year, said sizzle reel will stay behind closed doors as Legendary puts the final touches toward Warcraft‘s first bona fide trailer, but that doesn’t mean the creative team at the helm were left with little to share.

Charting the very first encounter between human and Orc, Warcraft looks set to be a visual tour de force – hence the film’s prolonged post-production brought about by the large number of VFX shots – though the actors involved were quick to point to the murky delineation between good and evil as one of the more intriguing facets. Those two factions at war will be the Alliance and the Horde, and Captain America star Dominic Cooper spoke about the challenges he came up against when trying to get a hold of the film’s traditional costumes.

“We had to wear sweaty wigs and very heavy armor. I couldn’t lift up my sword. It was pathetic. I’ve never seen such a big sword.”

Of course, Warcraft will also employ a fair amount of motion capture to bring its burly stars to life, including Pacific Rim‘s Robert Kazinsky as a hulking orc known as Orgrim Doomhammer.

Warcraft will bring a mythic and mighty rendition of Azeroth to the silver screen on June 10, 2016. Tell us, are you excited to see what Duncan Jones and Co. have cooked up? Let us know down below.