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Comic fans share their hate for the ‘overused’ evil Superman archetype

We've all seen it — here's how the people feel.

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Superman has always been the embodiment of true good in DC comics and, because of this, we’ve seen many times a complete switch — or what some would refer to as an evil Superman.

While Superman might be a character created by DC, the idea of an evil version of a mostly good character has been showcased in countless comics, films, and TV productions, and fans are sick of it.

In a post by Twitter user John-El, the question was asked — “what does everyone else think of the Evil Superman Archetype?”

The post received plenty of responses with most of them echoing that the trope has been overdone.

The post referenced multiple evil versions of Superman we’ve seen over the years, even going Superman-adjacent by including The Boys’ Homelander and Brandon from Brightburn.

Many of the responses pointed out how many times we’ve seen characters like these appear and how boring they’ve gotten over the years. Some fans explained further that, when the character is done correctly, it can still be great, but most of the time it seems fans would rather a more original foe.

Other fans explained how because of the oversaturation of characters like these, the intricacies of Superman and other good characters have become overshadowed. Here’s a look at what else fans had to say.

You can check out more of what fans had to say about evil Superman via the original post here.

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