Quentin Tarantino Confirms The Hateful Eight For 2015


Would any Comic-Con celebrating the best, brightest and downright coolest in cinema be complete without that most audacious of filmmakers himself, Quentin Tarantino? I think not. So, it was truly thrilling to hear about the Pulp Fiction director taking the stage this year at the panel for Dynamite Comics’ upcoming Django UnchainedZorro comic.

However, that intriguing venture was by no means the most exciting part of Tarantino’s appearance this year. After a fan pressed him about his troubled Western The Hateful Eight, the filmmaker confirmed that he would be moving forward and rolling cameras in 2015. In response, the room erupted in deafening cheers.

The Hateful Eight got off to a strong start earlier this year, with Tarantino voicing a great deal of excitement for the movie and putting together a cast that included Bruce Dern, Michael Madsen and Tim Roth. However, an early draft of the script was leaked by either Dern or Madsen’s agent, which eventually led to a lawsuit against website Gawker (since withdrawn), and it seemed that Tarantino had gone off the idea of filming the project (which totally sucked, because it sounded awesome).

With time, wounds began to heal, and Tarantino started thinking about ways to give the project new life. He ended up doing a live script reading in LA, which went so well that he recruited the same crop of actors to star in an actual movie. And so, The Hateful Eight appeared to be alive again. The latest we’d heard about it was Kurt Russell (starring in the movie) saying that the film would roll cameras in early 2015, and now Tarantino has confirmed that.

The finalized cast for The Hateful Eight will include Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, James Parks, Walter Goggins, Amber Tamblyn, James Remar, Zoe Bell, Denis Menochet and Dana Gourrier. The plot is described as follows:

The Hateful Eight follows the steadily ratcheting tension that develops after a blizzard diverts a stagecoach from its route, and traps a pitiless and mistrustful group which includes a competing pair of bounty hunters, a renegade Confederate soldier, and a female prisoner in a saloon in the middle of nowhere.

Also at Comic-Con, Tarantino told fans that he was working on an extended edition of his two-part revenge actioner classic Kill Bill, which will include animated footage that was cut out of the original 2003 film. As you can imagine, this news was met with an enthusiastic response from panel attendees (though The Hateful Eight is clearly still the Tarantino project first and foremost on everyone’s minds).