Common Reveals His Role In Suicide Squad, Ice Cube Talks Spider-Man


Shortly before Suicide Squad entered production last year, actor-musician Common signed on to appear in the supervillain flick, prompting much speculation. Would he be a part of the titular ensemble? Or was he really playing the Green Lantern, harking back to his earlier casting in George Miller’s nixed Justice League: Mortal? It turns out that it’s sort of neither!

During an interview with Complex, the Barbershop and Selma actor spilled the beans on the name of his character who we now know is called… Monster T. Other than his official monicker there’s little else to go on. Common confirms that he works with the Joker in some capacity, and based on leaked set photos from last year, he shares physical similarities to classic DC villain Tattooed Man. There’s a chance he is, of course, playing a cinematic version of the inked-up baddie and he just has a different title.

Common wasn’t the only one talking to Complex, though. Ice Cube was present as well – as the duo were promoting their upcoming flick Barbershop: Next Cut – and offered up a response to rumors about Spider-Man.

Now, this is the first time I’ve heard he was even remotely connected to the webslinger’s solo outing, but Cube sets the record straight anyway. According to him, if he’s not playing Spider-Man… he’s not in the movie. It could be that he’s just jesting around, and does have a small role lined up, or he’s genuinely not involved. Either way, hopefully we’ll get some sort of confirmation in the coming months as Spider-Man’s solo flick enters production.